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How to Draw a Treble Clef Accurately

When writing music, the first thing that we need to draw on the page is the clef. The clef is a symbol that is written on the lefthand side of the page on each staff. There are several different kinds of clef, but the most common ones are the treble clef and bass clef. Each clef determines a system which indicates the exact pitches on the staff. The treble clef is also known as the G clef, and it is one of the more difficult music symbols to draw. Here is an image of the treble clef.

Example of a treble clef

One way to learn how to draw the treble clef is to print an image of it and trace the lines with a pencil. This PDF has ten treble clefs that you can trace to learn how to draw them. It also has several blank staves on which you can practice. Notice where the lines of the clef cross the lines of the staff. Start from the bottom of the clef and work your way upward, following the loops. Avoid making the clef too “loopy” or too thin. When drawing a clef with pencil, you do not need to draw the lines as thick as they are in printed music.

Treble clef drawing with pencil

To learn the pitches of the treble clef, visit

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